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Visual identity
Achieving instant recognition and differentiation in a crowded marketplace is the most impressive feat a brand owner can accomplish.
The owner of the brand realizes brand value from the mind share, market share and margin that it gains from holding an effective visual identity.

A well-executed graphic is a lifelong asset for an organization. A single well-recognized image can convey multiple messages at once, raising the visibility, market power and durability of the company. Lucre Beyond creates visual identities that truly reflect the basic nature and value offering of the businesses they represent. To accomplish this, we often research a client's full history, along with its products and services, to find visual elements that can be expressed with a new relevance. Alternatively, we may explore completely avant-garde images that will create a sudden impact upon their launch. In every identity assignment, Lucre Beyond strives to deliver a product that stands alone in the market, deriving its authority from the way it effectively represents the unique character and promise of an organization.